Colorado, at last!

April 5, 2024

Diana at Red Rocks Concert Hall

In late March, I finally got the opportunity to travel to Denver to sing with the fabulous Colorado Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Peter Oundjian. I was due to sing at the incredible Red Rocks Concert Hall in Spring 2020, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. I visited the venue on my day off and was completely blown away by the sheer beauty of the location, which is built out of the natural amphitheatre created by the rocks. Another time, I hope! This time, I got to sing in the Boettcher Concert Hall in downtown Denver, one of the few halls in the world built in the round. I'd forgotten what a privilege it is to sing for American audiences, who are exuberant and unrestrained in their appreciation. And I was really impressed with how committed the CSO are to connecting with their audiences - the Meet the Performers Q&A session we gave after the first concert was really well attended and gave the audience a chance to ask the questions they'd been dying to ask. It really helps to build connections and break down the barriers between audience and performers, whilst also increasing appreciation and respect. Such a great idea. The orchestra really promotes itself to the State as 'your orchestra' and it was so heartening to see how diverse each of the audiences were. So many younger faces! Classical music is very much alive and kicking in Denver!

As Holofernes, Diana Moore combined military grandeur and suave seductiveness into a superb portrait of a warrior at play on the fields of love.

Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

Diana Moore